Founded in 2003, Intecons is a company that specializes in the comprehensive development and management of real estate projects.
The wide range of services provided by Intecons encompasses all the stages of real estate development: finding the land, defining the product, looking for investors and securing the sources of funding, defining and implementing the business legal framework, the technical management of the construction process, accounting, tax and financial administration, marketing, project execution and the after-sales service for final users. These services are rendered both for third-party developments and for projects in which Intecons shares the development’s risk (mostly construction trusts where Intecons invests part of the required capital).
25 years of team work


For 11 years, Intecons’ shareholders and managing directors developed Argencons S.A., a company with extensive experience in real estate developments.
Argencons’ managerial team actively developed business projects (offices and retail outlets), residential projects (housing, condos and buildings) and hotels.
The following is a list of the clients that have entrusted Intecons S.A. with the implementation of their real estate developments:
  • Petroquimica Cuyo
  • Siemens IT
  • Trust TCN
  • BBVA Francés
  • Consultatio
  • Puma
  • Terralagos
  • Coca Cola
  • Santander Río
  • Colegio San Andrés
  • Trust TIP
  • Argencons S.A.
  • Trust Casas Quartier I
  • Trust Quartier de la India
  • Trust Quartier del Libertador
  • Trust Quartier Callao
  • Trust Quartier Sinclair
  • Trust Basavilbaso 1328/50
  • Trust P.V.
  • Trust Arias
  • Trust FWC
  • Trust VM
  • Trust Fideicomiso del Pilar
  • Trust Edificio Intecons
  • Trust Vedia
  • Trust El Faro del Portezuelo
  • Trust Renta Torre Intecons
  • Trust NJ (Newman Joven)
  • Mercado Libre
  • Assist Card
  • Bodega Norton
  • Trust Fideicomiso del Bajo
  • Tyrolit
Managing Directors
Ezequiel Camps
Commercial Director
With a post-graduate degree in real estate development and with broad experience in the real estate market, Ezequiel develops the product’s commercial definition, the guidelines of the commercial strategy, the price policy, as well as the actions to market real estate projects. He is also involved in all the corporate communication aspects, as well as in each project’s marketing strategy.
Lic. Miguel A. Giambruni
Administrative and Financial Director
An expert economist, with post-graduate studies in the field, Miguel specializes in corporate finance, financial planning and project evaluation, while performing executive duties in several companies.
He is responsible for the company’s general management, accounting and tax administration, as well as planning and framing the financial engineering required for each project.
Arq. Fernando Ure
Construction Director


An architect with broad experience in the direction of large construction works, he develops and implements each project’s engineering, creates the work force strategy and manages the technical side of the construction work. He also coordinates and controls construction contracts, from the project’s very inception to its execution.
Intecons works together with some of the most renowned good and service providers in the sector, such as: